A few years ago, I started putting pen to paper under the delusion that I would write a book about growing up in the 60’s and 70’s.  The book thing didn’t happen, but I did record some thoughts that I had hidden away until now.  A few weeks ago I decided to “get them back out” assuming that I might be able to either use them to extort large amounts of money from my friends and family or, on a higher level, release them for posterity’s sake.

The thoughts were on life in general, from my perspective.  It’s my blog…get over it!  Life’s lessons come from the darndest things.  I covered everything from baseball to bees and things in between.  I decided to share them with you.  Not because I didn’t think I could extort money from you, but because all of my friends and family are part owners of these stories.  Together we shaped our lives, shared life lessons and became who we are.  We travel life’s road together.  I hope you enjoy the stories.  I changed names and locations…it’s called “plausible deniability!”  I’ll post the stories one at a time to extend the agony.  And so it begins…

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